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Bi-directional traffic is Fourth, Capitol

Bi-directional traffic come Fourth, Capitol , the Council acted on the unanimous recommendation from the city committee for the safety of traffic and demand at the Pekin Public Library, which bounded by two streets Broadway. For the library was a matter of “safety, accessibility and … learn more about rel =” nofollow “href href =”http://www.pekintimes.com/article/20131204/NEWS/131209634″> Pekin Daily Times
Garner reinforcement for the additional traffic that the project ‘fortify’ a Pleasant Hope to “fortify” the state the three-year project to rebuild a stretch of Interstate 40-440 11.5 miles, you will not be traffic jams. has alternative routes for the official Foritfy, but many drivers will probably Affairs 70 … Read more about traffic Kansas Turnpike record last week If you thought the Kansas Turnpike occupied the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, you were right. were included record 132,667 vehicles per day, 236 miles of road, according to Rachel Bell, communications manager of the Authority on the Kansas Turnpike. learn more about