The dream of their own home is probably one of the most preferred dreams that exist. Well, that has never been excited about as being a real homeowner.

But , unfortunately, not many possess the possibility of having their own sources to access to buy a home with no intermediation of a bank. With this, we must have a mortgage loan in fact it is here that many times the problem becomes somewhat uncomfortable.

Accessing a mortgage

Means complying using the requirements requested by finance institutions as a condition of sitting down at the table to need a mortgage loan. Depending on the bank, the needs vary from stricter to much less. For example , some banks possess among their basic needs:

Minimum associated with 18
You can find institutions that can offer you a home loan from the age of 18 so long as you have an active employment romantic relationship.

Optimum average age at sixty
The maximum age group to process a mortgage varies between 54 many years and 84 years according to the banking institution and the asked for term. The maximum age furthermore takes into account the term you select, considering that both (age and term) cannot exceed a certain age group.

Current work relationship of 1 to three years (Employment seniority)
This time can be requested within two ways:

  • Join the old job in case you recently changed companies. Inside your current job you must adhere to some continuity (between several and 6 months).
  • Work for the same enterprise without interruptions.

Revenue Check

In each organization, the income to be examined is subject to the funding scheme to be requested. The particular minimum monthly income varies between $ 9, 500 MX pesos and dollar 20, 000 MX pesos.
Not all establishments request a minimum income in order to approve the mortgage loan, however it is necessary to verify which you have economic stability and that you may also solve your mortgage loan with out exceeding your borrowing capability.

Positive credit rating

A review of the particular credit history is carried out so you have a good credit history prior to the Credit Bureau.
In some institutions the assistance of a guarantee with a good rating is allowed, in case you do not possess a credit reference.

Home Antiquity
This requirement is just essential for some banks. You have to check seniority at your present address of 1 to three years.

Some banking institutions demand that before signing the particular credit agreement you curently have damage insurance, as well as lifetime and unemployment insurance that will protects you and your assets. It is far from a double procedure, they are the ones that will be valid through the entire term of your credit.

When applying for a home loan, people often have issues not knowing well which banking institutions to attend or what they require as basic requirements. In fact, do not despair, there is sufficient online information in addition to getting the possibility of having a mortgage consultant who can evacuate all your uncertainties and help you carry out the procedure maximizing your chances of getting a much better deal.

The needs of the main banks have been in this link:

Another recurring question will be:

At exactly what time should I take a home loan?

The credit funding option will vary depending, on the other hand, on the bank’s policies. Several financial institutions only grant brief or medium term financial loans, between 5 to ten years, while others lend to 20 years as well as 25 (in exceptional instances they are granted up to thirty years).

How can the payment term which i grant to my mortgage loan differ? In general, the most significant difference would be that the longer the life of the home loan the monthly payment is decreased, but the interest we finish up paying is greater.

However , the funding term will also be subject to the particular applicant’s ability to pay, because the bank will consider creating more or less term depending on the amount of cash it can have available monthly to pay for the credit.

On the other hand, when agreeing to pay for a mortgage loan, the type of price granted must be taken into account. Finance institutions normally have two types of price, the fixed and the adjustable.

A fixed price mortgage implies that the interest price will be the same during the expression of the mortgage. It is perfect when looking to pay a fixed plan for a specific period and usually fits ideally to mortgage loans that last between twenty to 30 years.

A variable rate home loan means that the interest rate on your own loan can change, it shows the conditions of the economic market and cannot be expected exactly. This type of variable price is common in short-term financial loans of 5 to ten years.

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